Blissful Tragedy

by Aleutia

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Written and recorded between October 2015 and March 2016

The first release in a two part series.

A record about moving forward.


released May 2, 2016

All music and lyrics written by JD
Baritone guitar on "This Is From The Other Side" played by The Cap'N T.D
Drums played by The Cap'n T.D
All other instruments played by JD

Produced, Mixed and Mastered by The Cap'n T.D
Recorded at White Ash

Album artwork by St. Roch
Graphic design by Miles



all rights reserved


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Aleutia New Orleans, Louisiana

Formed in late 2012.

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Track Name: The City
Through broken alleys, the city loves to teach
Mistakes that fit me like a glove, in a lover's keep
Once disillusioned, now I sleep
A thought to myself, a quite breach

Now Geary street, hears my every move
I step quietly
To the Ellis beat, return to see
If there's anything left of you
Cause there is none of me
What this city's reaped is behind us
We're free, we're free
Step gracefully

Through broken alleys, the city loves to keep
Mistakes that make you who you are,and the scars they leave
Once disillusioned, go to sleep
A thought to myself, a quite breach

Disappear for weeks, the suburbs, my secrets
Theirs to keep
Lonely retreat, make no agreements
Just fantasies
Love lost to jealously
Disappear entirely
Deep thought, serenity

Serenity, Peaceful Tranquility
Track Name: This Is From The Other Side
I don't owe you my heart
I don't owe you nothing
You're lucky
You're lucky

How could you do this to me?
I gave you everything
I made you who you are, I made you believe
In yourself now you gave me this disease
And I can't breath
You senseless, selfish,
Scrub, myself clean
Bleed out! This poison!
This routine, this daily drudge of living beside someone who needs me
And doesn't return it
The way I see fit
So when I tell you to lose it, kick rocks,
I hope you that you're equipped
Cause you know I don't mean it
I love you

I don't owe you my home
I don't owe you nothing
You're lucky
You're lucky

I told you once before and i'll tell you again
Stop making the same mistakes
You're my best friend!
I'm afraid of losing you and everything we built together
In this city of pleasures and luxury
I'm tired of pulling out my hair you see
Trying to mend all the damages caused by you and your insolence!

If all these excuses could make things right
You know i'd be speaking from the heart
I got a million reasons why you should stay
And another thousand on the way
It's me speaking from the other side
Cause I finally crossed over your lines
I wouldn't have you any other way
Just wish the demons in me would let me stay with you

I have nothing left to give to you
Track Name: Isolation

"The reality, of what you really did"
He can't feel a thing
He sips on his drink
"Smile, to not look weak"


"It's what you deserve"
"For striking a nerve"
"In the heart of her"
The crack of his fingers, the wind through his hair
"It's all he's doomed to feel"

"It's all he's doomed to feel"
Whispers gone in the wind
"It's all he's doomed to feel"
Of the life they knew
"It's all he's doomed to feel"
"It's all he's doomed too"


"It's what you deserve"
It's who you became
"It's what you deserve"
Now remain
"It's what you deserve"
Caught up in the pain
"it's what you deserve"
The damage is done
"It's what you deserve"
I can never repay


"It's what you deserve"
Track Name: Schadenfreud Pt. 2
Failed myself, once again
In turn the world sees
Where I stand
Broken, once known, to brag
"I'm so happy!"
These possessions that I have

"If I'm so happy? What makes me so mad?"

Once again, here I stand
Bouquet in hand, is it all I am?
How many times have I been here before?
Bouquet in hand, is it all I am?

You give yourself time, to heal
Hurt your words go back and forth
Between ill intent and my appeal
I understand the damage done
On my back, under belly open to your attack

Once again, here I stand
Bouquet in hand, is it all I am?
How many times have I been here before?
Bouquet in hand, is it all I am?

So once again, here I stand
Bouquet in hand
What makes me a man?
In your eyes

Hand outs, to those who weep
The needs of the meek
Will they help me to not repeat?
Doctors, in their chairs
Coats hung, stay warm and run

I never wanted to keep you
Always wanted to be with you
I never wanted to treat you
Like the sun forgot the moon

I never wanted to own you
Always thought it out too soon

Too soon
Too soon
I never meant to treat you
Like the sun forgot the moon
I never meant to hurt you
I always wanted to be with you
Track Name: One Day
One day, i'll forget you
And one day, you'll forget me too
It's what you wanted anyways
And I deserve it, for making you feel so small on that day
I deserve anyways

One day, i'll remember you
One day, you'll remember me too
For what you needed me to be
But I was too blind to see
How perfect it all could be
All I could see
Was how easy it seemed to me
But the reality, is I hurt you
And i'm sorry
That I hurt you, cause you meant so much to me

But you're still beautiful to me
And the world, needs to see
All the things that make you, you
And what you, learned from me
When I showed you
The worst, that I could be

One day, you'll be good as new
And one day, yeah i'll be ok too
Start working again
At a new life, without you my best friend
A new life, without waking up to you on the weekends
This new life, doesn't sound like
Much of a life to me
But baby don't you worry, cause you see
I'm a dreamer, but I don't believe
In fairy tales, so if you never see me
Know I'm sorry